Power Iodine

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Power Iodine

Power Iodine is the highest-quality, most absorbable product of its kind on the market. Plant-derived, gently processed Iodine is harvested and charged, creating nascent iodine. This is then suspended in a GMO-free solution, which is highly absorbable and is the most bio-active form.

  • Nascent formula ensures maximum absorption, for maximum benefit.
  • Helps protects your thyroid gland from radioactive cesium, found in nuclear reactors. 
  • Power Iodine is easy to store and is properly packaged to last. 
  • Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking Power Iodine.
  • Use Power Iodine to purify water, heal wounds, and restore your body's iodine levels.



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Manufacturer Numanna


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