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  • The Many Lives of Food Storage

    For the uninitiated, food storage might mean the set of Tupperware given to your by your grandmother as a wedding present. Seems easy enough. The cook in the family whips up a mean pot of chili, replete with beans, organic spices, tomatoes, a few peppers and some mighty fine grass fed beef from a local farmer. With your nose tingling from the cumin rising out of that iron pot simmering on the stove, a flash of  “umm, umm good” is your brain’s refrain.  And, thanks to grandma’s gift, a couple of quarts from the night’s bounty can be stored for a month, six months, or maybe even a year or more, as long as the grid doesn’t do down and the freezer still runs.  Numanna’s food storage program includes nutritious and scrumptious meals that don’t require a freezer.


    What About Great Grandma’s Food Storage Methods?


    Remember all those cans of beans, soups and vegetables that use to line the shelves of your great grandma’s kitchen?  While she was washing, cleaning, cutting and preparing all those robust vegetables out of her garden, you were probably watching Blue’s Clues, or playing outside. Your own mom and dad were always working and liked eating out, so they didn’t take advantage of any of the old school knowledge. Now that you have children of your own, who’s got time to concentrate on food storage, except for a few extra boxes of mac n’ cheese, cans of beans, pineapple, crackers, tuna and granola. But deep inside, you know things are tenuous. Civil unrest, weather events or hyper- inflation could affect your ability to provide food for your family. Wouldn’t it be a comfort to know that you’ve partnered with Numanna for your family’s food storage?


    Have You Attempted Food Storage Via Freeze Drying and Dehydrating?


    Maybe you’ve ahead of the curve and have used your own dehydrator, or have considered investing in a stand- alone freeze dryer. The latter, need we remind you, requires electricity. Numanna believes each family should decide independently about how to best provide practical food storage  - don’t forget the  water and water filters - for the health and well-being for all their family members, including their pets.  Even if you’re already using both of these methods, Numanna’s pricing, packaging, portability, delightful taste, nutritional bioavailability and ease of preparation make our long term food storage a choice you almost can’t refuse. So let’s make it easy for you to try, shall we?


    Click Here to Purchase a Sample Pack of Numanna for only $19.95


    Full disclosure: There is a shipping fee of $4.95 for the Numanna Sample Pack. The sample pack has eight servings: 2 Pasta Primavera, 2 Gluten Free Enchilada Beans and Rice, 2 Servings of Gluten Free Sweet Habanero Chili and 2 servings of Granola.


    We think once you get a taste, you’ll come back for more. In fact, we know you will, because even if Numanna food storage is not on your menu right now, when the next emergency hits, it most certainly will be.

  • Long Shelf Life Foods Find New Meaning with Numanna

    It’s interesting when we begin to delve into the meaning of words. Like, shelf, for example. You’re assuming, and you would be correct, that one of the Merriam –Webster’s definition for this word includes “a long narrow piece of material (such as wood) fastened horizontally.” Are these long shelf wooden planks in your root cellar, pantry, garage and/or basement filled with old newspapers, paint supplies or camping gear? Wouldn’t a better use for your long shelf be Numanna’s long shelf life foods?  But wait.  Just And how long do Numanna’s long shelf life foods hang out on your shelves? Numanna’s individually prepared meals are tucked into their proprietary nitrogen flushed 5 mm sealed packaging, complete with oxygen absorbers, so, depending on the individual storage conditions, Numanna’s pasta primavera, classic chili, black bean soup, pasta alfredo   – and all the other tasty, healthy entrees -   can be eaten today, or twenty five years from now.


    Some Long Term Shelf Life Food Is Longer Than Others


    There are other long shelf life foods that may last longer than Numanna.. Hundreds of miles of long continental shelves surround the globe’s land masses with their own unique environmental systems to provide microscopic plants and algae for all sorts of underwater organisms. But for us two legged air- breathing men and women, Numanna is far easier to create, transport, access and prepare. And while the oceans still struggle with Fukushima’s outcroppings, it’s reassuring to know that all food products created by Numanna for  long term shelf life is made WITHOUT GMOs, soy, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and chemical preservatives.  You can also purchase Numanna’s Organic products, which include organic diced chicken and organic milk powder.


    Are Long Shelf Life Foods Heathy?


    We’re so glad you asked. Under stressful conditions, it’s even more important to ensure that your family has long shelf life food that is nutritional and tastes good to boot.  In addition to our Organic and No Gluten Meals, we recognize that bodies do need extra nutrition in periods of heightened stress. That’s why we created the Defender Packs, which include six superfoods that can be utilized with your meals. Organic Sprouting Seeds, rich in enzymes are included. Organic quinoa is high in magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorous, complex proteins and riboflavin. Organic Black Chia Seeds were a Mayan survival food, full of calcium, niacin, zinc and more. Organic Brown Jasmine Rice can lower cholesterol and is rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Partially cooked Parboiled rice can ramp up calorie intake. Another superfood found in the Defender Packs is Organic spelt, a heart healthy grain, and more digestible than wheat. These superfoods are also long shelf life foods that add an extra level of health and comfort to your emergency food supply.


    Why Not Experiment with the Numanna Sample Pack?  Or Buy Some Heirloom Seeds of Your Own?


    Not everybody can grow a garden, although we hardily recommend you at least turn a little soil and experience the majesty of a few of those tiny seeds bringing up life out of the earth.

    Let’s revisit those shelves in your basement, garage, root cellar or pantry. There’s a good chance that many of those items are in boxes that have a very limited life. Isn’t it time to consider Numanna’s Long Shelf Life Food? With the increased risks of adverse weather, civil unrest, hyper- inflation and food shortages, a Numanna bucket of food might be more than nutrition, it could one day be your money.

  • What is Your Survival Food?

    No electricity. No lights. No water. No phone. Hmmm. Are you worried? Not yet. You’ve stored plenty of candles, and even have extra flashlight batteries. The pantry has a few gallons of drinking water and somewhere down in the basement, or packed tight behind the camping supplies in the garage, are at least two cases of canned beans and rice, tomatoes, sardines, tuna and crackers, .Heck, there may even be a stash of chocolate covered raisins and a few bags of nuts. At least you hope so. Is there any extra water stored in the bathrooms so you can flush?  Unfortunately, that defective old school can opener slit your index finger opening the beans and rice. And the tomato cans are swollen, so you don’t dare open that rancid mess. Guess you forgot to check the dates on the saltines. If you’re living alone, you’d most likely survive a few days till the lights come back on. But if you’ve got a family to protect, it’s time to get serious about survival food. It’s time to get serious about Numanna.


    Numanna’s Survival Food Has a 25 Year Shelf Life.


    In the scenario above, the event that shut down the electricity was a county-wide thunderstorm with little consequential damage. Unfortunately, as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, volcanos, fires, and mudslides become more common, some folks don’t have the luxury of sheltering in place. If your family were forced to leave your home, you don’t want to worry about rancid tomatoes and moldy crackers. One family pack bucket from Numanna has 144 tasty, nutritious individual meals packaged in 5mm “over-engineered” bags with oxygen absorbers for a 25 year shelf life. Whatever size you purchase, Numanna meals are easily transported and you only need fire and water – and a pan and a spoon – for preparation.


    Doesn’t Survival Food Need Chemicals to Survive?


    Not if it’s Numanna Survival Food. When we started Numanna, we wanted food that our children would love to eat, and for it to be as nutritious as possible. Our customer’s say Numanna is the best tasting– and the healthiest – long term storage survival food available in the market. We even offer organic and gluten free choices. . This means our pasta primavera, pasta alfredo, enchilada beans and rice, mac n’ cheese, Hawaiian sweet and sour, potato casserole, black bean soup, rice pilaf, sweet habanero chili, cheddar broccoli soup, classic chili, oatmeal, pancakes, granola, freeze dried meats and milk powder have no soy, chemical preservatives, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs or aspartame.  



    Try a Sample Pack of Numanna Survival Food for Only $19.95


    You don’t have to be a serious prepper to understand the critical nature of how you can keep your family fed in a catastrophe. Even if you don’t purchase Numanna, although we’ve made it the best, we encourage you to begin your long term survival food program, As you learn more, you may be interested in our other important survival tools, like our water and water filter units and Numanna stoves. Thank you for considering Numanna for your survival food choices.  If you have any questions, please send them our way.


  • Don’t Wait for An Emergency. Food Storage Begins Now.

    The word “emergency” is hammered away by weather forecasters standing in front of their nifty blue screens.  But regardless of  their impending catastrophic weather,  do they ever remind their viewers the importance of maintaining an emergency food storage? After Hurricane Maria’s devastating winds and floods, many living in the more remote areas of Puerto Rico struggled with little food and no running water. Emergency food storage also means planning for water needs. Numanna has water filters and water purifiers to help with that. You need at least one gallon per person per day, part of which will be used for hygienic purposes. One of our selections, the Hydro Water Purification System, can take pond water and purify it up to 99% clean. The Hydro system can also be outfitted with a solar panel. The unit is transported via a self- contained backpack with a hose, germicidal lamp, all connections, sediment filters and more.  In fact, thanks to generous donations, a Solar Hydro was sent to Isabela, Puerto Rico in the Jaicoa Mountain Range where it is still providing the locals with clean drinking water.


    Today is the Time to Begin Your Family’s Emergency Food Storage Plans.


    As you may well know it’s not just hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, strange fires or mudslides that constitute a family emergency. Food storage can be is a critical component of everyday life. What if mom gets the flu, and is down for a couple of weeks?  Having a family bucket of delicious Numanna meals – like classic chili, mac n’ cheese, pasta primavera - and many others could sure come in handy for the dad who doesn’t know his way about the kitchen. All he needs is a pan, water and fire, along with a couple spoons and plates to serve the children a tasty, nutritious meal while mom is in recovery mode. Numanna is ready for breakfast too, with pancakes, oatmeal and granola, depending on which bucket you buy.  You also have choices for gluten free meals and organic.  Keep in mind that in all our food, we guarantee no MSG, preservatives, soy, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup or GMOs.


    Civil Disturbance Means Using Your Emergency Food Storage


    The folks in and around Watertown, Massachusetts were taken by surprise by an order to “shelter in place” after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  No one knew just how long this martial law would last. There would be no quick run to the store for milk. By the say, Numanna provides organic and traditional dry milk powder.  Another great thing about putting together emergency food storage with Numanna buckets is the ease of storage. The buckets are compact and stackable, and, due to the “over –engineered” packaging, these tasty nutritious foods can be completely ignored, or used anytime, for the next twenty five years.


    Isn’t it Time You Considered Numanna for Your Emergency Food Storage Needs?


    Time and chance happen to everyone. Your gut tells you that just about anything can happen just about any time. Our customers tell us that Numanna is the best emergency food storage available. Why not make a small investment in our Sample Pack? It’s just $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping for eight meals: 2 servings of pasta primavera, 2 servings of enchilada beans and rice, 2 servings of sweet habanero chili and 2 servings of granola. We know once you have a taste, you’ll get serious about partnering with Numanna for your emergency food storage plans.

  • The Long and Short of Long Term Food

    Not everyone thinks about the importance of long term food storage. Millions of Americans rise and shine on any given day with an assurance that the town’s municipal water system will still be pumping, their refrigerator/freezer will still humming, the ole’ dependable coffee pot will still be percolating and the stove top could quickly be warming for a yummy plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes. Got any maple syrup? Let’s not forget the toaster toasting bread, soaked with real butter and strawberry jam. This is a warm and fuzzy scenario - until the electricity disappears.

    This is Where Numanna Long Term Food Takes the Stage

    You’ve done a bit of research about infrastructure meltdowns and the prospect for severe weather patterns. You’re also concerned about higher interest rates, hyperinflation causing food prices to jump. The city you grew up in doesn’t seem as secure or friendly either. That’s why you and your family decided to become more self-reliant and focus on building a long term food supply. It all began a few months ago with a Numanna sample pack – so you could check out the taste - to see if the children would eat long term food.  Turned out the younger ones loved the granola and the Sweet Habanero Chili. You were partial to the Pasta Primavera. Your wife needed gluten free, so she stuck to the Enchilada Beans and Rice. Everyone was grateful that   Numanna’s long term food doesn’t have chemicals and preservatives like MSG, aspartame and high fructose corn syrup. The meals come in super engineered 5mm packets and have a shelf life of 25 years, are also soy and GMO free.


    Ride the Numanna Road as you Build Your Long Term Food Storage


    The Numanna Family Pack is considered a cornerstone for long term food. It consists of sixteen different entrees with a total of 144 packaged meals, including classic chili, rice pilaf, Hawaiian sweet and sour, potato casserole, black bean soup, oatmeal and those pancakes you love for breakfast. These buckets of meals are stackable and so easy to store. Want to add some meat protein?  Consider the 36 servings of Numanna Freeze Dried Chicken Breast, 36 Servings of USDA premium beef and/or 66 servings of Organic Freeze Dried Chicken Breast. Speaking of Organic, Numanna offers an Organic Family Pack, and Premium Organic Milk Powder. For customers who must avoid gluten, Numanna provides Gluten Free meals too.


    You’re going to need water and fire for the food preparation, so Numanna has an inventory of water purifiers and filters along with Silver Fire Stoves.


    Numanna’s Long Term Food Can Help You Help Others Too


    Feeding America says; “Many Americans are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity – and some, including children and seniors – may be at greater risk than others.” Folks who’ve weathered storms know just how great that risk is.  Did you know that there are 41 million people in this nation who face hunger each and every day?  This need may be in your own backyard. While you are working to protect your own family’s long term food supply, keep these folks in mind. Why not give a  gift of Numanna Long Term Food buckets to your local school, veteran’s organization, church or food bank? Isn’t it time in America that we started helping each other again? After all, some emergencies are quieter than others.


  • The Need is Now. Numanna Has the Best Long Term Food Storage

    Sooner or later, you’re going to act on those nudges ruminating in your brain. You know . . . those circling thoughts shouting, “PREPARE!” But you’re not a classic prepper type, and sometimes the job, the commute and everything in life is flat out overwhelming. But lately, conversations over dinner dates and coffee klatches with your friends and neighbors always wind up talking about “what if?”  It’s easy to take your family’s daily meals and the frequent grocery store excursions for granted. But at any moment, the freedom to shop, or the means to do so could be wiped away by storms, floods, civil unrest, a terrorist attack, hyperinflation, infrastructure problems, an epic loss of farmer’s fields and perhaps, even astonishing intergalactic events. You know you need survival food. For the best long term food storage on the market, you’ll want Numanna.


    Why is Numanna the Best Long Term Food Storage?


    There are a lot of answers to this most important question. It starts first with a commitment to what ingredients are avoided.  You see, when Numanna began, we wanted healthy and tasty food that our children would love. So we pledged that every Numanna food product would be made WITHOUT MSG, Aspartame, Soy, High Fructose Corn Syrup, GMOs and Chemical preservatives. Numanna also offers organic and gluten free food for your pantry, ensuring the best long term food storage meals available.


    Numanna takes extra care in individually packaging it meals - habanero chili, pasta primavera, broccoli cheddar . mac n’ cheese,  Hawaiian sweet n/ sour, potato casserole, black bean soup and many many more – in over engineered five millimeter bags with oxygen absorbers to keep freshness locked in for up to 25 years. But you don’t have to wait that long to partake of this delicious bounty. And if you’re merely mildly curious why not purchase a Numanna sample pack and let your tummy decide?  For $19.95, you’ll get eight meals: 2 servings each of Pasta Primavera, Gluten Free Enchilada Beans and Rice, Gluten Free Sweet Habanero Chili and Granola.


    The Best Long Term Food Storage Also Means Preparation is a Breeze


    In addition to a pan and a few plates and forks, all you need to prepare Numanna is fire and water. And because in emergency situations, water could be hard to come by, Numanna provides many choices of water filters and purifiers, along with the ultimate emergency water backpack unit called the Solar Hydro Water Purification System. The Hydro can take pond water and clean it to 99 percent purity. Daniel Brigman has firsthand experience with the Hydro; he became a believer after seeing it transform dirty pond water into crystal clear refreshment. And speaking of dirty pond water, Numanna is perfect for a weekend camping trip where you can build your own fire, or utilize a Silver Fire Stove.


    The Best Long Term Storage Food also Includes Milk and Meat


    Numanna understands that not everyone is vegan or vegetarian. They have three meat offerings – freeze dried diced chicken breast, (36 servings) freeze dried seasoned hamburger (36 servings) and organic freeze dried chicken breast (66 servings) to help ensure your protein requirements are met. We nearly guarantee you’ll begin to utilize these buckets upon arrival, but don’t forget to store some away for those unexpected “what ifs?” And for the milk drinkers, Numanna has Premium Organic and well as Hormone – Free Milk Powder guaranteed to satisfy any tummy.  


    Got More Questions?  We’ve Got Answers.


    Give us a call at 800 – 597 0075. Or email for Customer Support. You can also submit a message on line.  We look forward to telling you our story, and why Numanna is simply the best long term storage food on the market.



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