Survivor Rocket Stove
Survivor Rocket Stove Survivor Rocket Stove

Survivor Rocket Stove

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Introducing the SilverFire® Survivor 2nd Generation rocket stove with secondary combustion! This state of the art clean cook stove is durable, fun, and fast. Our Survivor uses minimal fuel, produces less char, low emissions, and minimal smoke using dry, quality biomass.

SilverFire® advanced designs maximize improved efficiency and durability. Our focus is amazing & efficient cook stoves. Inefficient rocket stove designs sold by our competitors produce large embers and char. This is a sign of inefficient combustion, impeded ventilation, reduced heat transfer, and require more cleaning.

A well designed cook stove should produce only fine ash and burn clean! Compare our superior quality and advanced combustion technology compared to other brands of rocket stoves, and draw your own conclusions.


Technical Description

Our 2016 Survivor rocket stove is easily identified by our solid stainless steel fuel shelf that stows inside the rectangular combustion chamber! Another SilverFire® rocket stove design 1st!  No cheap painted steel wire rack to loose or misplace when you need it!  Our correct rectangle shaped rocket stove combustion chamber allows the stainless steel shelf to ride inside the combustion chamber behind our custom black stainless steel door, when not in use.  This is not possible by inferior round shaped combustion chambers found in most of our competitor's stoves.  The Stainless steel solid shelf has a tab that locks directly into combustion chamber floor and allows easy insertion of bio-fuels into combustion chamber, compared to poorly designed wire racks utilized by StoveTec, EcoZoom and early EnviroFit stoves, which are easily identified by painted mild steel stove bodies that are inferior and poor quality.  They all look the same with different paint jobs, slight design modifications and have cheap clay tile floor titles that crack and fall apart.  

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Manufacturer Silver Fire


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