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Organic Freeze Dried Chicken
Organic Freeze Dried Chicken Organic Freeze Dried Chicken

Organic Freeze Dried Chicken

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NuManna has gone and done it again. Introducing NuManna’s Organic Freeze Dried Chicken. 66 servings of the healthiest, most nutrition and downright tastiest chicken you can find anywhere. Ready to serve up in minutes, this chicken will fool even the pickiest of eaters. They won’t think they are eating food storage, but that you just cooked up something at home.

NuManna has taken the highest quality certified organic chicken breast and cooked it with their special recipe. You will see when you try it, that nothing on the market even comes close. Tenderness, texture and most of all great taste. This chicken is not just for long term storage, but for convenience in having protein that is easy to store and easy to prepare. Whether you eat it tonight or in ten years, you can feel comfortable knowing you have an amazing protein source that you and your family will really enjoy.

NuManna Organic Freeze Dried Chicken is organically certified and makes a convenient and delicious solution for building a healthy food storage supply.

* 18 grams of protein and 100 calories per 21 gram serving.

* Freeze-Dried, High Quality Ingredients

* 100% North American USDA Certified

* Resealable Bags

* Lasts up to 1 month after opening in dry form (Up to 3 months if refrigerated)

* Simple to Prepare – Just Add Water to Re-hydrate

* Ready to eat in 15 minutes

* Up to 10 year shelf life

* Great addition to your Food Storage or perfect for Daily Use


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