Sample Pack just $19.95

Try It and Taste the NuManna Difference!

NuManna foods are hard to fully appreciate without tasting. They're like no other brand on the market. Words don't do them justice. That's why we decided to offer a four-recipe Sampler Pack.

It includes:

Healthy long-term food storage solutions with great taste are exceedingly rare. Most companies in our industry give little thought to taste, or to the long-term health impact of their products' ingredients, such as Aspertame, chemical preservatives, gluten, soy, high-fructose corn syrup, GMO modifications, and other harmful additives.

NuManna is the industry leader when it comes to healthy, chemically-free storable foods. And if it's got the NuManna name on it, you can be sure it's delicious. Give our Sample Pack a try and you'll appreciate the NuManna difference!

"I received the sampler pack last week and was pleasantly surprised at how good the food is. The portion size was perfect for both my husband and I to try. His comment was, ‘this is actually really good tasting’. Also, the fact that this is non-gmo food is a major plus! We will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you so much for a great product, and offering the sample packs to try."

— Sherrie S.